Ground Civil Pty Ltd (GC) was authorised on 19th November 2020 to undertake a geotechnical investigation and prepare a report for a site located at Lot13_34 George Road, Middle Swan WA 6056.  
The proposed development at the site will be a rural shed with an area of 128 m2

No matter how small or big is the job, Ground Civil will follow the standards to deliver projects with high quality.

Ground Civil offers a complete package of quality ground engineering services in the land development, infrastructure, commercial, and residential sectors. With our many years of experience in civil, geotechnical, and pavement engineering, we are readily prepared to assist you in finding potential opportunities and eliminating the geotechnical risk with precise investigation and analysis to ensure that your projects are delivered as safe and as cost-effective as possible.

  • Test pits.
  • Penetration tests (PSP, DCP, CPT, SPT)

Ground Civil Engineering Consultants’ Geotechnical Department are experts in geotechnical, pavement, civil and foundation engineering.  Ground Civil knows the local geology and the soil condition. We have a team of chartered professionals in the related fields and provide the best services as per current standards. 

We can provide geotechnical- pavement – civil – foundation input for all stages of development, from feasibility study through to investigation, design, construction and certification. Our aim is to provide professional advice, while also looking at the whole picture to ensure that a project is not only practical but also cost-effective.

Our Geotechnical department is a team of highly qualified professionals with a wider range of experience in the local arena. We provide quality works, in a timely manner within your budget. Ground Civil specialises in the field of civil and geotechnical engineering, pavement engineering, foundation engineering, feasibility studies and infrastructure planning, road design engineering.

No matter how small or big is your project, residential to commercial, industrial and mining or pavement, we will provide you with a professional and honest approach.

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