Ground Civil is the consultant engineer and superintendent of this project.

Have you received your WAPC conditional approval for your green title development?
Is there a note like this?
“Arrangement being made with the Water Corporation for the provision of a sewerage service to each lot”

We are an approved Water Corporation consultancy. We can design all your subdivision needs including sewer extension.
We can help you get this sorted!

Ground Civil can design, prepare the tender documents, choose the right contractor and act as the superintendent of the project.

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Photo from one of our similar projects.

We are Consultant Engineers!

We can design any civil or Geotechnical project.

Are you thinking to develop your land?

There are a number of reasons to consider property development and each will vary depending on your objectives:

Maximise dwelling yield on a property.
Maximise rental return and cash flow.
Make some profit.
Maximise the value of your property and create positive equity to help fund your next project.
Create flexibility in your property options, you may consider:
Sell all your units; or
Rent all your units; or
Sell some units, rent out others; or
Live in one unit, Sell or rent out the others.
At Ground Civil Pty Ltd, we are ready to help you find the most effective way to subdivide your property.

We can help you from WAPC approvals to the construction stage.


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